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TeamPot is a tool that extends Google Apps collaboration capabilities with team task management features.
TeamPot is an open source project developed by Andrea Failli during his 6 months internship in Google.

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focus on the user, all else will follow

TeamPot is not a traditional project management tool: the main focus is on the user.
Every feature was brainstormed, designed and deveoped with users, for users.


Team can manage projects, share information and discuss in realtime thanks to the integration with Google Apps.


Users can create and assign tasks with due dates and reminders to organize what needs to be done to complete a project.


Users can schedule team meetings using ‘smart polls’ to select the best date to meetup, in person, or remotely.


TeamPot provides useful reports and metrics that can be used to evaluate projects' performance and take actions.


Google Apps & Google Cloud Platform

TeamPot is entirely built on Google Apps and Google Cloud Platform. You can leverage Google infrastructure and computational power to enable maximum reliability, scalability and security. TeamPot is tightly integrated with Google Apps suite, so users can use their every day tools to manage projects, tasks, and meetings, without the need to learn how to use a new app.

Google Drive

Each project has a Google Drive folder where team members can share information about the project, for example Google Drive native files, like Docs, Sheets, Sliedes, or any other files type.

Google Calendar

When team meetings are scheduled, a Google Calendar event is created and an invitation is sent to each user in the team. Also, your users can keep an eye on their assignments and task due dates thanks to the special events created in their Google Calendars.

Google Groups

Each project has a Google Groups associated where team members can open threads and discuss about project topics, using Google Groups user interface, or simply by email.

Google Hangouts

If your team is located in multiple offices, no problem, each team meeting can have a Google Hangout associated, so everyone can participate to the meeting. As a plus, during hangout meetings users can write down notes and create and assign tasks directly from the hangout window, thanks to the TeamPot hangout app.


Users can inteact with TeamPot also from GMail user interface, sending out ‘To-Do emails’ and using ‘action buttons’ for accessing project information in a very quick way.

Google BigQuery

Each user activity on projects is recorded, so you can leverage the compute power of BigQuery to produce meaningful reports that will help to measure projects performance and take actions.

Google Cloud Platform

TeamPot is built entirely on Google AppEngine, the PaaS layer of Google Cloud Platform. This design choice enables TeamPot to leverage Google infrastructure and computational power to ensure maximum reliability, scalability and security.


rapid prototyping: from the idea to the open source release

TeamPot was brainstormed, designed and developed in 2014/2015, during Andrea Failli 6 months internship in Google. Since then, the develpment is moving on thanks to the open source community and Google partners.

Google Internship

TeamPot story begins on August 4 2014, when Andrea Failli started his 6 months internship in Google for Work (formerly Google Enterprise) in Milan offices. Mattia Poretti, his manager, proposed him to design and develop a team task management tool. The need for this tool was highlighted by the GAUG community, so why not try to build a product prototype to cover a users need?


The idea behind this project is to involve users as much as possibile. So, in brainstorming phase, features and ideas have been discussed internally and externally directly with users from GAUG community during hangouts on air and meetups in Google offices.


From an engineering point of view, the Design pahse was really exciting: architecture and UML diagrams, technology decisions, design document, product document, privacy design document and UI mockups. We tried to use as many state-of-the art patterns, frameworks and services as possibile, following healthy software engineering design practices.


The development phase took a few months, in which we tried to implement as many features as possible, starting from core functionalities to the least important ones. We have been asked to resolve a lot of trade-offs between the huge list of features to implement before the release versus the limited span of time (6 month internship). It was challenging.

Alpha Release

Finally, in mid January 2015, an alpha version of TeamPot has been released to Googlers, Google partners and the GAUG community, for testing purposes. More than 50 users tested the app on a test Google Apps domain giving useful feedback about implemented (and unimplemented) features, and helping a lot in bugfixing activities.


What about the future of TeamPot? TeamPot is an Open Source project, so you can contribute to TeamPot project giving your feedback, suggestion and, if you want, you can participate submitting your pull requests through GitHub.


Who made TeamPot?

TeamPot has been developed thanks to the commitment of many people coming from different contexts: friends, collegues, companies, developers, sales...thank you all!

Andrea Failli

web designer & developer

While studying Computer Engineering in Florence, Andrea is a freelancer web designer & developer, specialized in front-end develompent.

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Mattia Poretti

solution engineer @Google

Mattia is the key engineer of Google for Work team in Google's Milan offices, he is helping a lot of companies to ‘Go Google’.

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GAUG Italy

Google Apps Users Group

The GAUG community is a group of companies that are really happy to have chosen Google Apps suite to simplify their every day business.



Do you have questions? Do you want to participate?

If you want to participate, or if you want to give some feedback on this project, you’re welcome! Please reach out and let us know your ideas. Are you interested in deploying TeamPot on you Google Apps domain? Please, reach out! We will be happy to help you.